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The best pictures from 2016 - places 20 to 11

Published 2016-12-31 by Administrator
Every year there are thousands of pictures taken during our events. From these we select the 30 best ones. Pictures that have that extra touch or that extra something that makes it stand out from the rest. A tradition since a few years back.

A few days back we sent you the pictures on place 21 to 30. Tonight it is time for place 11 to 20. Enjoy! Happy New Year!

20. We start in Slovakia, on the brutal 6km Slovakia Ring track. This track is both challenging and a lot of fun. Gran Turismo Slovakia 2017 is in August next year - much better dates than the previous years. Also, we have managed to rent Hungaroring just two days before(!). Budapest and Hungaroring is just 2 hours of driving away. This makes Gran Turismo Slovakia and Gran Turismo Hungaria a perfect combo for August next year.

>> Gran Turismo Slovakia

>> Gran Turismo Hungaria

19. The look. We like the way the drivers face reflects in the rear view mirror. Picture taken on Gotland Ring. Next year we have moved the event on Gotland to 26-30 July, to be in Visby on week 30 instead of 29. Week 30 is much better for us. All Swedish know exactly what we mean. Next year this event is organised by our sister company AutoLife, just like our other Swedish events.

>> AutoLife Track Day Gotland 2017

18. Markus Hendriksen showing off his enormous biceps. As you can see, he is in perfect shape. Ladies (and some men) really like him. He has also completed the Swedish Iron Man “thing" called Tough Viking, much unlike another driver from Stockholm who also likes to spend time in the gym every day.

17. Busy pit lane on Auto24Ring in Pärnu, Estonia. Awesome track, awesome country and the funniest hostesses in the world. We are happy to go back to Estonia 12-16 July in 2017. Gran Turismo Baltica 2017 is now about 70% booked. An increase of early bookings since last year.

>> Gran Turismo Baltica 2017

16. Dinner during Gran Turismo Nurburgring. Nurburgring is one of the most man-focused area in the world. Just cars and racing wherever you look. In the restaurants they serve steaks and drink beer. Joining our event as a woman driver means that you will get all of the attention. We wish more female drivers would do just like Susanna, Sandra and Carolina on the picture.

>> Gran Turismo Nurburgring 2017

15. Driving in Croatia. Insanely beautiful roads, great food and beer. A lot of fun with the boys. Picture taken during Gran Turismo Adriatica. Next edition of this event is 6-14 of May 2017.

>> Gran Turismo Adriatica 2017

14. Kristo is victorious (again). One of the fastest guys on the track, Kristo is happy to set yet another great lap time. Picture taken in the pit lane of Auto24Ring during Gran Turismo Baltica.

>> Gran Turismo Baltica 2017

13. I see yellow, I click like. We love yellow cars. They look really good on pictures. Want to make it to this list? Get a yellow car next time. Picture taken on Gran Turismo Baltica 2017.

12. Anders going full speed in Eau Rouge on Spa-Francorchamps in his green Manthay Porsche Gt3. A great picture. We love how the track disappears after the crest. This is the best corner in the world - period. Next year our event on Spa-Francorchamps is a week earlier - 3 to 6 of October. 

>> Gran Turismo Spa 2017 

11. Extremely elegant man in Visby, during one of the dinners on Gran Turismo Gotland. The picture has an air of warmth that we really like. Also, the man is dressed and groomed impeccable. When the rest of the group also dresses in white, well then you have a picture that makes it to place 11. Next year our Gotland event is organised by our sister company AutoLife, hence the name change.

>> AutoLife Track Day Gotland

The complete 2017 calendar

New: Gran Turismo California (26 March - 4 April) // 2 places left

We start the season with a completely new event in the calendar - an epic drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Reno, Las Vegas and back. 2200 kilometers of beautiful roads like the Pacific Coast highway, and insane experiences like Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. The event is 7800 EUR and includes everything- even your own Ford Mustang muscle car. The event was released this Friday and we had a total of 30 available places. 28 are now booked. Only 2 remain.

>> Learn more and register to Gran Turismo California 2017

Gran Turismo Adriatica (6-14 May) // 2 places left

Start the summer in sunny Croatia and Montenegro. A road trip from Prague to Montenegro, driving on some of the most beautiful roads in Europe. The coast of Croatia, just by the Adriatic sea is a must experience for any sports car driver. On the way to Montenegro we stop at places like Zadar and Dubrovnik on Croatia and Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

For this years edition we have updated the route slightly. We are still two nights in Montenegro, but the last night is in Split. A great ending of great week on the road with your friends. The event includes eight nights in hotels, lunches, dinners and one hell of a story to tell your grandchildren. It is 3800 EUR, for two people sharing one car and includes everything for a full week on the road. Two places remain.

We have a transport solution from Scandinavia to Prague, and from Split and back. Just let us know when registering.

>> Gran Turismo Adriatica

Gran Turismo Nurburgring (29 May - 1 June) // About 50% booked

The most challenging racing track in world. 21 kilometers of fun. As always, we have two exclusive days on the track and three nights in Nurburg. The event is 2990 EUR and includes everything, two days on track and three nights in Dorint Hotel. Only 140 places are available. About 50% booked.

>> Gran Turismo Nurburgring 2017

Gran Turismo Polonia (28 June - 2 July) // 12 places remain

This is it. The main event of the year. Gran Turismo Polonia. As always we have three days on track, and four nights of fun in Poznan. The event is 2200 EUR, for two people sharing one car. Includes three days on track and four evenings of mad fun in the city of Poznan.

For the 2017 edition we are limiting the number of places to 150 cars. 12 places remain.

>> Gran Turismo Polonia 2017

Gran Turismo Baltica - King of Estonia (12-16 July) / 70% booked

Estonia is an awesome country. Probably one of the best in the world. The racing track - Auto24ring is arguably the best racing track in this part of the world. The city Pärnu, where we stay for the event, is just fantastic in the summer.

For the 2017 event of Gran Turismo Baltica we are adding a Time Attack Challenge to the program. It is time to see who really is the fastest. The challenge is divided in to three classes of cars, and the winner can call himself the King of Estonia. This event is already 70% booked.

>> Gran Turismo Baltica 2017

AutoLife Track Day Gotland (26-30 July)

Join us on Gotland! Our Swedish sister company AutoLife is organising an event on Gotland this weekend. Driving on the track and a weekend of fun in the party capital of Scandinavia during the famous “week 30”. Follow the link below for more information and registration.

>> AutoLife Track Day Gotland 2017

New: Gran Turismo Hungaria (16-19 August) / 65% booked

We were here in 2010. Everyone that joined us know that it was borderline insane. Now it is finally time to go back to this beautiful city and formula one track. For the 2017 edition we will be staying in Intercontinental hotel, on the Donau. The event is 2400 EUR and includes two days of driving on the track and three nights in Budapest. This event is already 65% booked.

Hungaria + Slovakia combo. If you are also joining us for Gran Turismo Slovakia, we include a fourth night in Budapest for free. This extra night will be the Saturday between the events. A bunch of friends in Budapest on a Saturday night? What can go wrong? On Sunday the 21 August we drive together to Bratislava it is about 200 kilometers on brand new motorways.

>> Gran Turismo Hungaria 2017

Gran Turismo Slovakia 2017 (20-24 August) / 65% booked

The brilliant six kilometer race track Slovakia Ring. Three nights in Bratislava. This event has gained popularity from its first edition three years ago. For 2017 we are moving hotels - to Ritz/Carlton in the historical centre, with our cars parked in front. A better location, with the Bratislava nightlife just around the corner. As last year, the event is 1900 EUR for two people sharing one car. This event is already 65% booked.

This event is awesome to combine with Gran Turismo Hungaria. See above.

>> Gran Turismo Slovakia 2017

Gran Turismo Europa (26 August - 3 September) // Fully booked

A week driving on the best roads in Europe. Staying in the best hotels and having dinners in the best restaurants. In 2017 we drive a completely new route. In 2017, we will start in Paris (on Champs-Elysses) and drive east and stop in Champagne. The following day we continue to Germany, exploring new places like the Mosel and Rhein valley, before heading south towards Baden-Baden. After a drive through the Schwarzwald forest we continue to Switzerland, France, and Route Napoleon before ending the trip with a weekend in Saint-Tropez.

The 2017 edition is going to be about 8200 EUR, for two people sharing one car. This event is fully booked.

>> Gran Turismo Europa 2017

Gran Turismo Spa (3-6 October)

For many, Spa-Francorchamps is the best racing track in the world. What better place to finish the 2017 season than here. Just this year, we have two days of driving on the track and three nights in Hotel de la Source. The event is 2300 for two people sharing one car.

>> Gran Turismo Spa 2017

Last year we released the movie where Peter and Bjorn raced each other with an airplane and Lotus to find out who was the fastest on a drag strip. This year it is all about the best car in the world. And, it is not a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Porsche. Nope.

The best car in the world is the Fiat 126p. Bear with us and let us explain. All the best for 2017 from the Gran Turismo team.

Peter, Bjorn, Justyna and Michal

>> Why is the Fiat 126 the best car in the world?

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