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Special invitation: Private tour of Chernobyl by helicopter in August

Published 2019-03-10 by Administrator

Welcome to Chernobyl. Without a doubt, the worst nuclear disaster in the world. What was supposed to be a simple systems test went horribly wrong. On the 26th of April 1986 the number one reactor in Chernobyl nuclear power plant overheated and created a steam explosion with subsequent fire and core meltdown.

The event dispersed radioactive material across Europe, notably in Sweden, and necessitated the evacuation of 300 000 people from the immediate vicinity of the disaster.

Private tour of Chernobyl on the 16th of August

We are organising a private tour of Chernobyl on the 16th of August. We will do the tour with the help of a team of experienced guides. The private tour will take us to the power plant, the exclusion zone and to the abandoned city of Pripyat. We can be 28 people in total for the tour.


We have chartered six helicopters that will take us from Kiev to Chernobyl. After take-off in Kiev, we will fly in close formation over the Dnjepr river the 100 km north to our landing place in the exclusion zone. After the tour, we will fly back to Kiev.

What about radiation?

Radiation is not the problem. The radiation levels have normalised long time ago. A visit to the exclusion zone for eight hours is not a threat to your health. The real problem are bears, roaming bands of wolves with two heads, and gigantic blood-sucking bats. Since the humans left in a hurry in 1986, the amount of wild life has exploded. In our team of guides we will have expert level hunters to protect us.

The wonderful city of Kiev

For the event, we are staying in Kiev. Kiev is a major city in Europe with almost four million inhabitants. We will stay two nights in Hotel Intercontinental, a five star hotel that is perfectly located close to Kiev old town.

Arrival night, the 15th of August, we will check in to the event in the lobby of the hotel. At 18:00, we will have a welcome mingle in the hotel bar. One hour later, we will do a short briefing in a private conference. Dinner will be in the hotel's top floor restaurant, with a panoramic view of the city. This first night we recommend to close early - we have a long and very interesting day ahead of us.

Event Schedule

Thursday - August 15 - Arrival to Kiev

14:00 - Check-in to the event opens in the lobby of Hotel Intercontinental
18:00 - Welcome mingle in the Hotel
19:00 - Briefing and short history recap of the event in 1986.
20:00 - Dinner in B.Hush

Friday - August 16 - Private tour of Chernobyl

7:00 - Breakfast in the hotel
8:00 - Transfer to the helicopter airport close to the hotel
8:30 - Helicopters leaving for Chernobyl
9:30 - 17:00 - Private tour of Chernobyl, Pripyat and the exclusion zone.
17:00 - Flight back to Kiev over river Dnjepr
19:00 - Drink in the hotel bar
20:00 - Dinner in Catch restaurant
23:00 - Evening program in Kiev

Saturday - August 17

12:00 - Check out from hotel (later check-out possible)


Private tour of Chernobyl, nuclear wasteland, wolves with two heads, Kiev and helicopters in close formation over the river of Dnjepr? Is this a fantastic weekend or what? You bet!

The event is 2 800 EUR. It includes everything - hotel nights in Intercontinental Kiev, private tour of Chernobyl, transportation in the exclusion zone, guided tours, security detail in Pripyat, lunch in Chernobyl Cantina, radiation meter, dinner in B.Hush, epic helicopter flights to and from Chernobyl from Kiev and the closing dinner and party. It also includes one hell of a story to tell your grandchildren.

Ready for the greatest adventure of 2019? We have chartered six helicopters. In total, we can only host 28 participants for this special event.

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