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Our record Tuk Tuk is now in the Nurburgring museum

Published 2019-12-22 by Administrator

On the 23 of May 2019, at 20:26, Peter Ternström and Björn Lagercrantz set a record time on the Nurburgring in a Tuk Tuk from Bangkok.

The tuk-tuk was bought and imported from Thailand for this specific purpose. The project took over three years, from finding a Thai taxi to crossing the finish line in May.

The lap time was 31:49,46, and was measured by an official from the race track. The lap record is verified by the Nurburgring.

While Björn and Peter were in the back, the tuk-tuk was piloted by an anonymous racing driver dressed in white.

Riding the tuk-tuk was a very scary experience. The little three wheeler was flimsy and very unstable. Some corners were made on two wheels! We never, ever, want to do this again. It was horrible.

The panic when our racing driver went full retard down hill in the Fuchsröhre section will haunt us forever.

Permanent display in the museum

The Tuk Tuk is now in the Nurburgring museum, part ot the permanent display. Next time you are around, welcome to the Ringwerk and gaze in awe of this spectacular vehicle and the unimaginable feat by two middle aged men from Sweden.

Thank you

Gigantic thanks to everyone in the team: Justyna and Michal Weclawiak, Konrad Tuga and Adam, Sorg-Rennsport, James Holm, Nicolas Grandi, Luca Brunetti, Sarah Nick and her team from the Nurburgring, Jonas Larsen, Misha Charoudin, Intact, Lamborghini Malmö, Häggenäs Auto, Halda Watch company, Schedoni, Michelin and our tame racing driver in the white helmet.

Movie release on the 25th of December

The movie from the dramatic record lap is to premiere on the 25th of December at 20:00 on YouTube and other channels.

More information

For more information, please contact Peter Ternström: / +46 70 530 06 89.

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