Events > Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022
Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022

Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022

15-20 June 2022

Sardinia, Italy

Welcome to a five-day ridiculously luxurious supercar tour on Sardinia. Start and finish is at famous Hotel Cala di Volpe on Costa Smeralda. Best part? A Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar is included.
Length of event: 5 days
Total distance driven: 1 050 km
Maximum number of cars: 18
Status: Fully booked / Waiting list


Locations visited during this event

SP105 - Bosa to Alghero
Road in Sardinia (Italy)
Hotel Su Gologone
Hotel in Olenia (Italy)
Hotel Cala di Volpe
Hotel in Porto Cervo (Italy)
Al Pescatore
Restaurant in Porto Cervo (Italy)
SS134 - Strada Castel Sardo
Road in Sardinia (Italy)
SP38 - Via Sant'Antonio
Road in Sardinia (Italy)
Aruana Churrascaria
Restaurant in Poltu Quatu (Italy)
SS125 - Orientale Sarda
Road in Sardinia (Italy)
SS427 - Strada della Gallura
Road in Sardinia (Italy)
Fully booked / Waiting list
Alexis d
Ferrari F8 Spider
Julie D
Terry Y
Ferrari F8 Spider
May L
Indrek P
Ferrari F8 Spider
Mait L
Mercedes-AMG SLS
Romet P
Ferrari F8 Spider
Ragnar P
Pierre-Edouard d
Ferrari Portofino
Ji-Young K
Patrik J
Ferrari F8 Spider
Renata J
Brynjar F
Ferrari F8 Spider
Heidi F
Ove L
Lamborghini EVO Spyder
Linda S
Trond S
Ferrari 488 Spider
Henrik S
Peter T
Lamborghini Performante
Chiara M
Paul G
Porsche 991 GTS
Marie G
Fredrik L
McLaren 570GT
Marie L
Johan E
Ferrari F8 Spider
Helena L
Marcus H
Ferrari Portofino
Caroline K
Mats W
Lamborghini EVO Spyder
Kathrine W
Mika L
Ferrari 488 Spider
Kairi P
Per-Erik S
Ferrari Portofino
Kristina E
Richard M
Lamborghini Performante Spyder
Annelie M
Thomas A
Ferrari F8 Spider
Nicholas J
Lamborghini EVO Spyder
Karin S
Maksim B
Ferrari 488 Spider
Olena B
Philip L
Ferrari Portofino
Greg L
Ferrari Portofino
Christopher L
Michael S
Lamborghini EVO Spyder
Kelly S
Timothy A
Ferrari Portofino
Christopher J
Register to Gran Turismo Sardinia 2022

The event is between 17 300 and 18 300 EUR (depending on the selected car) and includes everything for a driver and co-driver sharing one car and hotel room.

Supercar: A Ferrari or Lamborghini of your choice is included for the event. See the registration form. The event is 8 800 EUR If you bring your own supercar.

Hotels: Five nights in luxury hotels. Cala di Volpe Costa Smeralda (first and last night), Su Gologone (Oliena), Chia Laguna (Cagliari) and El Faro Hotel & Spa (Alghero).

Hospitality: All dinners and lunches with aperitivo every evening.

Also included: Professional photos taken from the event. Our famous event polos are also included, for both the driver and the co-driver. Follow-me van to carry your excess luggage.

For questions regarding registration, please contact us on

Hotel room
Supercar rental option
Optional message to the organisers


Jonas Carlsson
Jonas Carlsson
Nürburgring Fan
"Gran Turismo's events on the Nürburgring and in Poland has been an annual must-do tradition since over a decade now. Highly recommended!"
Alrik Söderlind
Alrik Söderlind
Chief editor, auto motor & sport
"The best organizer of crazy car events in the universe. Again. As every year. Enough said!"
Thibault Van Renne
Thibault Van Renne
"I have done many car events in the last decade, but Gran Turismo’s events jump out on every level. The organisation is flawless, the fun guaranteed and the people you meet are awesome."
Michal Herok
Michal Herok
Nissan NISMO hero
"I don’t know any better track event organisers than Gran Turismo in the whole of Europe. Perfect organization, great atmosphere and opportunity to meet a lot of exceptional people."

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