Events > Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023
Gran Turismo London 2023

Gran Turismo London 2023

25-26 November 2023
The Rosetta Stone, Egyptian Mummies and The bust of Ramesses. Welcome to a magical night in London with a private tour of the British Museum.
The British Museum: Privatised
Restaurant: Pied-a-Terre*
Hotel: Rosewood *****L
Maximum number of couples: 20


Registration open
Zdravko A
Geir O
Hilde S
Christiane B
Peter T
Patrik J
Renata J
Ole V
Silje L
Marcin J
Matylda J
Håkan E
Inga-Maj S
Leif H
Camilla H
Michael K
Sandra K
Per-Åke A
Maria A
Staffan B
Rita B
Stefan B
Jenny B
Sven-Gunnar A
Carina A
Tobias O
Linda L
Register to Gran Turismo London 2023

The event is 4 800 euros for a couple / two people. As always, all is included, the private visit to The British Museum, the dinner in the Michelin-starred restaurant Pied-a-Terre, and overnight stay at the five-star hotel Rosewood.

Hotel: Hotel Rosewood *****L.

Restaurant: Restaurant Pied-a-Terre, which has one Michelin star.

Limited event: We are limiting the number of participants to just 20 couples for this special event. Also, we will only do the event this one time.

Also included: Professional photos and video from the event.

For questions regarding registration, please contact us on

Hotel room
Optional message to the organisers


Andrzej Kuczynski
Andrzej Kuczynski
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"No one can organise better supercar events than Gran Turismo. Events like Gran Turismo Italia, Europa, Mille Miglia, Spa and Nurburgring are the best."
Fredrik Huldt
Fredrik Huldt
Motor journalist
"Not joining Gran Turismo Events at least once a year should be punishable by law."
Media Personality
"Gran Turismo Events are the highlight of my year. I really look ahead to when the weather improves, the road trips begin and the Nurburgring beckons! Gran Turismo runs an event like no one else - I love it"
Alrik Söderlind
Alrik Söderlind
Chief editor, auto motor & sport
"The best organizer of crazy car events in the universe. Again. As every year. Enough said!"
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