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Dates for Gran Turismo Nurburgring confirmed
We have now got confirmed dates for Gran Turismo Nurburgring. The dates are simply awesome - we have the track on 26 + 27 May. The days are Tuesday + Wednesday, with the Weekend before + Monday being Touristenfahrt. This means that you can have five consecutive driving days on the track(!). Furthermore, late May dates make the chances of good weather much higher.

We will most probably stay in Lindner hotel, checking in on the 25th and checking out on the 28th. The event will be about 2900 EUR including everything. As every year we will have first class instruction. And, most importantly - with only 120 allowed to join there will be lots of free laps with no traffic in sight. Almost 40 cars pre-registered last week, which means that you might have to register soon if you want to sign up.

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Here are the dates for the 2015 season
Thank you for a great 2014 season. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Lately, we have been receiving lots of e-mails regarding the next year. You want to know what we are planning for 2015 - where we are going and at what time.

We are still missing dates from Poland and the Nurburgring. However, we have dates for the rest of the season. A season that sees many classical Gran Turismo venues, and two hot new entries in the schedule. We will have all dates fixed in just a few weeks. While you are subscribing to our newsletter, you will be the first to know.

Have questions, comments or other enquiries? Don’t be a stranger. Send us an e-mail on

Gran Turismo Spa (7-10 April)
There is no better way to start the 2015 season than to drive in Spa-Francorchamps. A favourite for many of us. We have two full days of driving, and we will stay in Hotel de la Source right next to the track. The event will be around 2000 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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New: Gran Turismo Slovakia (28 April - 1 May)
Welcome to the hottest new race track in Europe. Slovakia Ring with its 6 kilometres is simply amazing. We have two driving days on the track, and three nights of fun with your favourite super car friends in Bratislava. We are really looking forward to explore this completely new venue with you. The event will be around 1900 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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Gran Turismo Nurburgring (probably May - no dates set yet)
 Nurburgring Nordschleife scares me. But I still love it. For next year we hope to have two days of driving on this awesome 21 kilometer track. We will have instruction from heroes like Sabine, Hendrik, Luca and Ulfried. And, as always, we will stay in either Dorint or Lindner. Oh, and lets not forget the traditional Gran Turismo evening in Pistenklause restaurant. The event will be around 2800 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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Gran Turismo Polonia (1-5 July)
Imagine a monster magnet attracting super cars from all over Europe. This is Gran Turismo Polonia, growing every year. In 2014 there were 44 000 visitors to the track on the public day - more than any other track event in Poland. As every year we will have three days of driving, and four nights of complete madness in Poznan. In 2015, even more.The event will be 2200 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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Gran Turismo Baltica (22-26 July)
Awesome track, awesome country. Welcome to Estonia. For 2015 we are going back to Pärnu, Auto24 track and Ranna Hotell on the best beach in Europe. The evenings in 2014 on the terrace watching the sunset in the Baltic sea was simply spectacular. Only 60 places available. The event will be 1800 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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New: Gran Turismo Scandinavia (preliminary dates: 2-8 August)
Funny how we have done all kinds of events and road trips in Europe. All the way down to Tuscany. But, never done anything at home in Scandinavia. This we intend to change in 2015, with a road trip from Stockholm to Oslo. Driving through the incredible landscapes of the north and of course the spectacular Atlantic road in Norway. Fjords guaranteed. Many unbelievable Kodak moments, too. About 25 cars will be able to join this event. The event will be around 4000 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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Gran Turismo Europa (29 August - 6 September)
A week driving on the best roads in Europe. Staying in the best hotels, and having dinners in the best restaurants. In 2015 we start in Munich on the 29 August, drive towards Austria passing the famous “Eagles Nest” in Berchtesgaden, where we have lunch. After seven days on the road, on a mostly completely new route we end the event with a massive party in Villa Romana in Saint-Tropez. This event is almost fully booked now. Want to join us in 2015, please pre-register now. The event is 7500 EUR, for two people sharing one car.

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Gran Turismo Events in unique cooperation with Caterham F1
As you probably already know, the swedish driver Marcus Ericsson is piloting one of the two Caterham cars in Formula one. Now, Caterham is coming to Sweden for a truly unique event in the city of Örebro - Marcus Ericssons home town.

On the 13 September, the city of Örebro is building a temporary race track in the centre of the city. Where Marcus is going to drive his F1 car at flank speed in front of tens of thousands of spectators. It is also on live television, reaching millions. Not only in Sweden, but in the whole world.

Gran Turismo Events is an integral part of the event. Warming up the city race track and the audience with the awesome sound of our super cars. Some twelve specially selected drivers and their cars are coming to Örebro to make the show even more spectacular. Cars like Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Speciale and Porsche 991 GT3.

Also - our red Mercedes CLK Black Series F1 safety car - has a very important role in the show. After all, it was the FIA official safety car of F1 in 2006! It sounds the business - its modified exhaust in titanium was made especially for TV appearances.

We are very proud to be a part of this extremely exciting event. The first ever in Sweden. If you want to join us with your super car or as a VIP guest, please send us an e-mail.


>> More info about the event (in swedish)
Join us for Gran Turismo Europa 2014
31 August - 7 September @ Como - Saint Tropez

In just three weeks some 30 super cars meet in Como, Italy. To join what is probably the most exclusive road trip in Europe this autumn. Gran Turismo Europa.

Eight days driving on the best roads of the world. Roads like Grimsel-Furka pass and Gotthard pass in Switzerland, Passo del Bracco in Italy and Route Napoleon in France.

Seven nights in five star locations like Villa d'Este, Portofino, Hotel de Paris and Byblos Saint-Tropez.

Own a super car? Then join us for the adventure of your life! We have two drivers who sadly can't make it this year. Hence, there is still room for you. Now, this event is extremely popular and all 31 available places have been booked since March. Want to join? Register today.
Gran Turismo Baltica underway!
In just a few moments the Scandinavian group of drivers are arriving to Tallinn harbor. Here, they are joining up with the rest of the super cars going to Gran Turismo Baltica. In total some 60 super cars are meeting in Estonia and in the coastal city of Pärnu for three days on the awesome new track auto24ring.

About half of the cars are from Scandinavia. The rest are from countries like Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Latvia.

As always with Gran Turismo, there are some special events lined up for the event. On Friday, the official launch of the Lamborghini Huracan. And on Saturday, the Estonian edition of Top Model is visiting the track to record an episode of the TV show. With the drivers of course.

Please note that this is a private event. Access to the pit lane, parking and the track is restricted to drivers, officials, VIPs and accredited media only. Want to see the Huracan, or meet us in Ranna Hotell? Please e-mail us ( to request VIP passes. If you are receiving this e-mail, you are invited.
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Fredrik Borgegård
Fredrik Borgegård
Gym chain owner
"Gran Turismo Events is the best thing that has happened to me. It is relaxed, a lot of driving and many fantastic participants."
Peter Stavling
Peter Stavling
"Nothing beats Jens and Peters events if you like super cars and a crazy time. Both thumbs up from me!"
Fredrik Huldt
Fredrik Huldt
Motor journalist
"Not joining Gran Turismo Events at least once a year should be punishable by law."
Sophie Ljungqvist
Sophie Ljungqvist
Ferrari Owner & Powergirl
"The anticipation of an event I am registered to gives me an adrenalin rush. The cars, participants and the magical experience with Gran Turismo Events and my Ferrari 458. Unbeatable!"