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Last call for Gran Turismo Nurburgring
In just three weeks we will be handed the keys to the longest and most challenging race track in the world - the Nurburgring.

And boy is it going to be fun! The event starts on the 7th of May. Wih check-in, briefing and driving on the Grand Prix circuit. On thursday and Friday we drive the Nordschleife.

Only 120 cars can join. This means that there are very few cars on this massive track.

Due to problems with the new Porsche 991 GT3 we have some late cancellations. There is now room for you if you want to join!
Join us in Poland for Gran Turismo Polonia
Ten years ago 72 men and six women did something exceptional. Something that, at the time was very brave. Almost unimaginable. They drove their super car to a country in the former eastern bloc. The year was 2005. And in total, 42 cars drove from Scandinavia to Poland. To drive their Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche or Dodge Viper on the only racing track in Poland - Tor Poznan.

In 2005, the roads in Poland were not very good. It was also very hard to find spare parts for super cars. But nothing could beat the comradeship between the drivers. And the sense of exploration. Doing something completely outside the box. In 2014, the tenth anniversary of this historic event, we are going back to the roots of Gran Turismo Polonia.

For 2014 we are bringing back some features of the first event. Like a road trip on Polish roads. To a dinner in a castle on one of the nights in the schedule. Mixed together with the more flamboyant style of Gran Turismo Polonia in the recent editions. Yes, you will be a rock star again. But you will also be an explorer. And most importantly - drive your super car on one of the best racing tracks in Europe.

Open day for the public on the race track

The last day on the race track, Saturday, we are inviting the general public to come watch. We are building extra stands, tribunes and such to accommodate as many visitors as possible. The record for any event held on Tor Poznan (Kubica showing his new F1 car) was about 35 000 people. We are going to beat that. It is going to be absolutely packed with spectators taking cheering and taking photos. However, the spectators can not make it in to our parking nor pit lane. You need DRIVER or VIP badges to enter there.

We are working together with a charity foundation for the Saturday. Where some of the drivers have volunteered to give youngsters a few laps on the track in their favourite car.

Driving in sessions the first day

Gran Turismo Polonia is a very popular event. We expect more cars than ever. Some drivers have been to every edition, and are now masters on the track. And some will be in Poland for the first time. Hence, we are doing driving sessions on the first day on the track, where we separate beginners from the experts. During the following two days we drive according to open pit lane rules. 

Castle Wasowo, just outside Poznan. New feature of the 2014 Schedule.


This schedule is preliminary and can be subject to changes at a later stage. Please note that the event now starts in Poznan on a Wednesday, and ends on a Saturday.

23-25 June: Pre-party in Karlskrona and Sopot

Wednesday 25 June - Arrival to Poznan

- Arrival to Poznan and Andersia Hotel
- Dinner and briefing

Thursday 26 June

- Driving in sessions on the track
- Drive to Palac Wasowo. 37 minutes from Andersia by car. We leave the hotel at dinner time and go there together - all 150 cars. In this magic Neo gothic style palace we have grilled wild boar on the terrace facing the lake. A nice relaxed night with your friends. Just like ten years ago.

Friday 27 June

- Driving on the track, no sessions - open pit lane
- Dinner on the city square
- After party in Pacha (yes, they have one in Poznan now!)

Saturday 28 June

- Driving on the track, no sessions - open pit lane with insane amounts of cheering crowds
- Awards dinner in Andersia Hotel
- After party in Andersia Hotel. Now on a Saturday instead of a Wednesday, as before. Imagine what this does to the number of VIP’s and guests. It will be completely mad once again.

Sunday 29 June

- Late check-out from the hotel
- Brunch on the city square. Optional. Consider your self invited.

The Gran Turismo After Party in Andersia is now on a Saturday, instead of a Wednesday.

Join us in Poland in June

Registration is open. There is already over a hundred super cars on the list, which is more than in March 2013. Andersia Hotel, where we stay, will be fully booked soon. We are making reservations in hotels nearby, too, to accommodate everyone. If you want to stay in Andersia for the event, you register now.

>> Register for Gran Turismo Polonia 2014

Congratulations Alx Danielsson - did an amazing drive on Daytona
Well done Alx Danielsson! Our hero racing driver started on the 30th position. And boy what a race he did. Worked his way all the way up to 12th place. At some points in the race he was the fastest car. The crowds were screaming. We, standing in the pit lane could not believe what was happening. A rookie Swede who never had driven NASCAR/ARCA had started in the 30th position. And passed enough cars to be on the 12th. Contesting for 11th place. History was about to be written.

Then disaster struck. A cut in the right front tire. And one millimeter from a complete wreck doing 180 mph in the concrete wall. Luckily Alx managed to save the situation. But, the event cost him several positions.

In the end, Alx finished in 21st place. A fantastic feat for our hero racing driver. And, we would like to congratulate him for his fantastic drive today. Alx, you are a brilliant driver!

- Peter Ternström

Want to meet Alx Danielsson? He is joining Gran Turismo Spa in April, where he will share his best driving tips with us. And showing us he actually can turn in both left and right directions.

Well done, Alx!
Watch Alx Danielsson win on Daytona today!
How hard can it be? I am sure I will win this. There is no doubt that we will be celebrating with champagne tonight. In my mind, I am already on the podium.”, Alx Danielsson, race driver.

Alx Danielsson is driving the #40 car. A white monster car packed with the latest technology from the early 1960’s. And with your favourite super car event organisers logo on the sides and dominating rear.

Since Alx is going to lead the race all the way from the start to finish, the placement of the logo on the rear of the car is logical. The Lion is a mighty ferocious animal. Impossible to pass. I will also be here personally at the track during the race. It will be a pleasure to see our Lion logo making it to the finish line first. If Alx doesn’t win, I want my money back.”, Peter Ternstrom, Gran Turismo Events.

Watch the race at 22:15 (Central European Time)

The race is being televised live on FOX sports. If you don’t have FOX, you can watch the live stream from the race here:


>> The password is: “daytona”

The official movie for Gran Turismo Spa 2014
Here we go - the official movie for Gran Turismo Spa. With clips from the events in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014, we return to Spa-Francorchamps. To the track that many think is the best in the world. We start on the 11th of April with check-in to Hotel de la Source, just meters from the track. The next following days - Saturday and Sunday - the track is ours. Join us for a great start of the 2014 season!
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Bil Nürburgring
Mikael Persbrandt
Mikael Persbrandt
Actor and Race Driver
"The race between me and the Carrera GT on the Nurburgring was an epic moment. Absolutely fantastic. Cant wait for the next Gran Turismo Nurburgring."
Martin Nelson
Martin Nelson
Ferrari and Maserati dealer
"Gran Turismo Events is one of very few organizers I can safely recommend to my clients. Quality is at a level that matches the best venues in Europe, and I participate as often as I can."
Fredrik Borgegård
Fredrik Borgegård
Gym chain owner
"Gran Turismo Events is the best thing that has happened to me. It is relaxed, a lot of driving and many fantastic participants."
Sophie Ljungqvist
Sophie Ljungqvist
Ferrari Owner & Powergirl
"The anticipation of an event I am registered to gives me an adrenalin rush. The cars, participants and the magical experience with Gran Turismo Events and my Ferrari 458. Unbeatable!"