Welcome to Gran Turismo Events, the premier organiser of events for super car owners. We organise track driving on famous racing tracks such as Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa-Francorchamps. We also do road trips on some of the most beautiful roads on the planet.

Our events attract a highly international clientele. Drivers come from Europe, the United States, South Africa, Asia and Australia. We started over a decade ago. Today, we are proud to have over 12 500 super car owners in our active driver roster. Every year, about 2000 join us on any of our events. This makes us the number one event organiser for super car owners - in the world.

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we have always done things a little bit differently. Our venues are not just about driving, it is just as much about meeting other people from all over the world who love driving, too. We call this the Gran Turismo experience.

Welcome to our global community of super car drivers - looking forward to meeting you in 2017!

This is what happens when you drive 30 super cars in Bosnia
Our road trip to the Adriatic coast - Gran Turismo Adriatica - ended a few days ago, in the city of Split in Croatia. When arriving, we had been driving almost 1800 km on some of the most scenic roads in the world. Especially the road on the Croatian coast - the magistral - is simply amazing.
Postcard from Gran Turismo Adriatica and Portoroz
Our glorious road trip to the Adriatic coast - Gran Turismo Adriatica - has just started. On Saturday afternoon, the drivers arrived to Prague. Today, the group is driving from Portoroz to Zadar, on the Adriatic coast highway - the Magistral.
Special invitation: Join us for Mille Miglia in Italy
Join us in northern Tuscany on the 20th of May for the annual Mille Miglia rally with your super car. Tens of thousands of spectators and hundreds of the most exotic cars in the world - both classic and modern. An unbelievable story to tell your friends back home.
More pictures from California
In case you have missed it, our event Gran Turismo California is underway. Our in-house photographer James Holm is with us on the trip, taking some brilliant shots along the way. The first ones you got on Tuesday, here is part two.
Peter Stavling
Peter Stavling
"Nothing beats Peters events if you like super cars and a crazy time. Both thumbs up from me!"
Fredrik Huldt
Fredrik Huldt
Motor journalist
"Not joining Gran Turismo Events at least once a year should be punishable by law."
Alrik Söderlind
Alrik Söderlind
Chief editor, auto motor & sport
"The best organizer of crazy car events in the universe. Again. As every year. Enough said!"
Fredrik Borgegård
Fredrik Borgegård
Gym chain owner
"Gran Turismo Events is the best thing that has happened to me. It is relaxed, a lot of driving and many fantastic participants."
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