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Gran Turismo Europa 2011
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Gran Turismo Europa

Ever since the start we have been wanting to organize a road trip through Europe. A trip that would take us across Europe on the best roads of the world.

We have prepared a journey through five countries in seven days, driving on some truly spectacular roads in the Alps and staying at some of the finest locations around. This is our version of the best road trip across Europe ever, and you are invited!

Start in Munich with Oktoberfest

Every good road trip includes a moderate amount of beer among good friends. That’s why we have decided to start the tour in Munich, during the busiest weekend of Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest is a one of the most famous events in Germany and a must-go for beer lovers all around the world. It is very hard to find a better way to start a seven day tour of Europe than this.

Saint-Tropez seven days later

Located on the French Riviera and most known for its extremely wealthy summer guests, it will be the perfect setting for the seasons-end dinner and party.

You will also be able to really test your car, while we have rented the former Formula 1 test track Circuit Du Var. Located in Provence, not far from Saint-Tropez, it will be ours to play with for an entire day.

From Munich to Saint-Tropez – five countries in seven days

From Munich to Saint-Tropez we will drive on the best roads in the world, have Spa baths by Lake Maggiore, do shopping in Milan, have lunch in hidden italian village restaurants and visit at least one super car manufacturer. Along the route we will stay in some of the nicest hotels in Europe.

The route goes through five countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. However, we will not share the exact route until the very last moment.

The element of surprise

Sharing the exact route now would eradicate a very important element of a good road trip – the element of spontaneity and surprise. That’s why we are keeping the route secret for now. Every morning at breakfast we will provide you with an envelope that contains todays route, where we stop for lunch and where we are staying for the night. Some locations are so nice that we might stay there for two nights. There is no need to rush since the trip spans over seven days.

The roads

Forget highways and Autobahn. The best roads in the world are in the mountainous region of the Alps. There we have the now classic Stelvio pass (above) which Top Gear named the greatest driving road of the world. But, there are even better roads and mountain passes, not yet exposed to the attention of motorists around the world. Secret slices of motoring heaven that only the locals yet know of.

Event schedule

We start from Munich in Germany the and end in Saint-Tropez in France seven days later. Each morning we present the days itinerary, route, where we stop for lunch and where we stay for the night.

Each day will be roughly 4 hours of driving. Sometimes less, sometimes a bit more. Besides driving we will do stops for special activities and events along the road, like shopping, special restaurants, spa baths, vista points, photo opportunities, factory visits and such.

We have done our very best to try to find things both men and women find interesting or fun.

We also recognize the fact that neither one of us like a tight and stressed schedule during a vacation. Thats why we have tried to create lots of "free time" during the trip, where each participant can explore the surroundings or just relax by the pool, lake or have a laugh with new friends over a cold drink by the bar.

1-2 October: Start from Germany. The road trip starts with check-in and to the event in the hotel in Munich, Germany on the 1st of October, during the famous Oktoberfest. If you have opted for transportation of your car it will be parked in the hotel garage awaiting your arrival. We leave on the morning of the 2 October, heading for Switzerland through Austria.

2-3 October: Switzerland. Now the fun begins. We find new love in the twisty mountain roads of Switzerland and stay in an excellent Spa Hotel in the Alps. Forget skiing, watches and chocolate - it is the roads you will want to return to after these two days.

3-5 October: Italy. Continuation of the Alp madness, but now in Italy, for Italy's version of the best roads in the world. You will also note a strong presence of fantastic italian food, and maybe a stop for shopping along the road. Did anyone mention a factory visit?

5-6 October: France/Alpes Maritimes. From Italy we move on to France, where the food is equally great and the roads even better by some standards. Our friends at EVO magazine tipped us about their favorite road which combines great driving with stunning views and scenery. We will stay in a hotel in the Alps and have traditional snails in garlic sauce for dinner. Yummy!

6-8 October: The French Riviera and St Tropez. From the French Alps we drive downhill to the Mediterrenean sea and St Tropez, where we will stay for two nights. On the 7 October we have rented Circuit DuVar, a 2.5 km race track formerly used for F1 testing located near Saint-Tropez. We end the seven day tour of Europe with dinner and an ending party in St Tropez harbor. Check-out from the hotel is on 8 October.

If you have opted for transportation of your car, just leave the car at the hotel in Saint-Tropez and we will handle the rest.


During our trip we will stay in luxury hotels which all have either four or five stars. The nicest ones actually only have four stars, since their number of rooms is less than 100. All hotels are chosen on basis of location and style, just like the swiss hotel depicted to the left where we stay for a night.

The final hotel in Saint-Tropez boasts a total number of 28 rooms, effectively limiting the total number of particpants to 28 cars.

Join us through Europe on the best roads in the world

This roadtrip on the best roads in the world is 5500 EUR (+VAT) which covers seven nights in luxury hotels, seven lunches, seven dinners, maps and routes, a day at the race track circuit du var, at least one factory visit and lots of surprises along the road. This for a car with driver and passenger (two people).

If you live far from the civilized world (as in Scandinavia and Estonia), you can have your car transported to Munich and back from St Tropez. As usual, we are cooperating with the excellent guys from Eurotransport. This option is 1200 EUR extra. Please state "transport" in the message field when registering.

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Sophie Ljungqvist
Sophie Ljungqvist
Ferrari Owner & Powergirl
"The anticipation of an event I am registered to gives me an adrenalin rush. The cars, participants and the magical experience with Gran Turismo Events and my Ferrari 458. Unbeatable!"
Alrik Söderlind
Alrik Söderlind
Chief editor, auto motor & sport
"The best organizer of crazy car events in the universe. Again. As every year. Enough said!"
Peter Stavling
Peter Stavling
"Nothing beats Jens and Peters events if you like super cars and a crazy time. Both thumbs up from me!"
Fredrik Borgegård
Fredrik Borgegård
Gym chain owner
"Gran Turismo Events is the best thing that has happened to me. It is relaxed, a lot of driving and many fantastic participants."
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